The SF-Bay Area illustrates why allowing a massive expansion of jobs without requiring an equal expansion of housing is a very bad idea

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  • The insatiable desire for more gross tax revenue, and
  • The self-interested desires of developers, commercial real estate owners, and the lawyers who work for them

Having any arguments, discussions or debates with an intellectually dishonest person is a waste of time

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People expect the government to protect them from being treated unfairly no matter what some “ism” demands that the gov’t do or not do.

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If you want to do stuff that is materially harmful, risky or dangerous to other people, then stay away from other people

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Maybe people who think that Covid is a Democrat-invented scare tactic SHOULD fight back by going maskless and not getting vaccinated

The Executive Class Has Always Believed That Unskilled Labor Deserves To Be Low-Paid & Disposable

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The Risk of Getting Very Sick from Being UNvaccinated Is about 5,000 Times Greater than the Risk of Getting Very Sick from The Vaccine

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Some Trump supporters are so afraid of being vaccinated that they would prefer to get pneumonia

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Check out the numbers on the poverty, health & %age of college graduates of the states that had the highest percentage of Trump voters


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