Some Trump supporters are so afraid of being vaccinated that they would prefer to get pneumonia

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Check out the numbers on the poverty, health & %age of college graduates of the states that had the highest percentage of Trump voters

The marketplace of ideas has been replaced by the marketplace of lies, anger, and hate because that’s the speech that makes Facebook rich

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Those who choose to believe the lies that COVID is a fake disease have chosen to be stupid people

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People who have the intelligence to see the truth but who choose to believe the lie are stupid people

A “Labor Shortage” is NOT when there are fewer people willing to work for crap wages than there are open jobs paying a crap wage

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The Content Providers’ Crucial Mistake Is That They’ve Picked The WRONG Time Frame. They’re Selling Content PER MONTH Instead Of PER SECOND

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A Good Business Model Works WITH, Not AGAINST Human Nature

If you choose to not to be vaccinated for COVID, shouldn’t your insurance carrier be allowed to exclude COVID from your insurance coverage?

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Running a country under rules based on philosophical ideas of right and wrong or fair and unfair never ends well

“Communist Party” by midiman is licensed under CC BY 2.0
  • The idea that the imposition of their pet political, religious, or moral principles that run counter to…

The Dems Are Fools To Think Any Compromise Is Possible

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Las Vegas, Draft Kings, Are You Listening — This Could Be Your Next BIG THING MOSLEY
  • Total costs over a range of sales volumes and
  • Gross receipts over that same range of sales volumes


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