A Progressive Win In The Democrat Primaries Will Lead To A Loss In The General Election

“Elizabeth Warren” by Gage Skidmore
  1. doesn’t change that, and
  2. doesn’t mean that the people who hate Trump will automatically vote for a left-wing Democrat.
  • Who comprises that 20% in the middle?
  • What issues do these people care about?
  • What positions on those issues will most attract them?
  • What positions will most upset them?
  • What’s going to motivate the greatest number of people in that 20% to turn out and vote for you and
  • What’s going to motivate the greatest number of people in that 20% to turn out and vote against you?
  • Stating general policies that the 20% will like
  • Not stating any policies that the 20% will hate.
  • Not firing up the Trump 40% to turn out.
  • Drug prices are too high. I’ll lower them.
  • Corporation executives are paid too much. I’ll fix that.
  • Corporations need to pay their fair share of taxes. I’ll fix that.
  • Hard-working people are paid too little. I’ll fix that.
  • Medical insurance should be provided by the private sector. I’ll make sure that employers, not taxpayers, provide hardworking people with the medical insurance they deserve.
  • We can’t have hundreds of thousands of people trying to crash over our border. Both Republicans and Democrats need to come together to craft fair and workable fixes to our broken immigration system.
  • The drug companies have been overcharging us for years. I’m going to stop that.
  • I’m going to enforce the anti-trust laws against these drug companies.
  • My administration will negotiate lower prices for the drugs the government buys.
  • We’re going to force the drug companies to sell their drugs in the U.S. for the same price they charge for them in Canada.
  • Corporate executives are fleecing their own shareholders. I will pass a shareholder protection act that will require shareholder approval for large executive payments.
  • To discourage huge executive payments we’re going to take away the tax deduction for any payments to executives over $5 million. To encourage corporations to pay better wages to working people we’ll double the corporate tax deduction for wages paid to workers who earn less than $100,000/year.
  • We’re going to cut welfare by setting the minimum wage for full-time work to match the cutoff point for qualifying for food stamps so that employers, not the government, support working people.

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