Angry, Emotionally Weak People Fanatically Follow Strong Leaders

  • Who believe that they are powerless
  • Who, in the wider scheme of things, feel that they live unimportant lives,
  • Who believe that some group has unfairly caused their lives to be less successful than they deserve
  • Who believe that the Leader will punish the group that is to blame for their lives being less successful than they deserve
  • The craving of someone who sees himself as ordinary to become special by emotionally attaching himself to a powerful or charismatic Leader.
  • The self-perceived nobody’s drive to become more powerful, to elevate their perceived ordinary status by climbing on the shoulders of someone (or some cause) far larger than themselves.
  • The belief that by attaching himself to the Leader, by becoming a member of the Leader’s group or movement, the follower’s pedestrian life will be infused with some of the Leader’s importance, that some fragment of the Leader’s power will trickle through that connection into the empty sack of his existence and inflate it with the Leader’s celebrity and power.
  • The belief that the Leader will punish those who are to blame for the follower’s life not turning out the way he thinks he deserves
  • The belief that allegiance to the Leader will make the follower more important, and
  • The belief that the Leader will punish the follower’s enemies

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