Another way to view the people who run the country is to look at who controls the Fortune 1,000 corporations. The top 1,000 corps collect 87% of all corporate revenue, about 14 TRILLION dollars per year.

On average, a public corporation has nine directors but because one director often serves on more than one board, the number of individuals who control the top 1,000 companies is probably about 6,000–7,000.

Add in the CEOs, CFOs, and COOs and you’ve got about 10,000 people who actually control the overwhelming majority of U.S. businesses.

If you created a database of those 10,000 people I suspect you would find that they are overwhelmingly male, white, Christian, 40–75 years old and graduates of only about 15 or 20 universities.

If you want to know who are the elites who run America, that’s a good place to start.

— David Grace

Graduate of Stanford University & U.C. Berkeley Law School. Author of 17 novels and over 200 Medium columns on Economics, Politics, Law, Humor & Satire.

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