I agree with much of what you’ve said. The idea of political asylum arose in the Cold War era, secure in the idea that there wouldn’t be waves of Communist refugees entering the U.S. from Hungary or China.

The idea that everybody in the world who lives under a totalitarian gov’t or in a gang-ridden society should be able to come here is untenable. But I make a distinction between people who have been here for years as productive, law-abiding and tax-paying citizens and impoverished, non-English-speaking, untrained refugees who now want to come here, I point I make here:

Will The Democrats Figure Out How To Take Advantage Of The Immigration Mess Or Will They Cluelessly Shoot Themselves In The Head, Again?

BTW, hard-working people are paid starvation wages because they have far less bargaining power than employers, not because of too many foreigners.

Wages are not too low because there are too many available workers. They are too low because of the inherent, massive imbalance between the bargaining power of the Walmarts and workers.

I think the minimum wage should be high enough so that full-time workers don’t qualify for food stamps. Full-time workers need to be paid a living wage.

Five Myths/Lies That Are Told By People Who Hate The Minimum Wage

— David Grace

Graduate of Stanford University & U.C. Berkeley Law School. Author of 17 novels and over 200 Medium columns on Economics, Politics, Law, Humor & Satire.

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