I read your comment and it’s pretty clear what happened here.

You saw the my column’s title and thought, “This guy is going to explain why our great leader, Donald J. Trump, is going to be re-elected. Wow, this is great!”

Then you read the article and gasped, “Wait a minute! This guy has compared our wonderful, wonderful, Donald to a bad smell! What the hell! I’m going to straighten him out!”

Sorry you failed to figure out what the column was actually about. Here, I’ll simplify it for you:

1) The column was directed specifically to those people who already think Donald J. Trump is the human equivalent of a bad smell, not people like you who think he’s a delight.

2) Since the column was meant for people who already really, really dislike the Megalomaniac In Chief, it had nothing to do with convincing people like you that he’s a terrible person. That would be a fool’s errand in any event. All your arguments that he’s the best President since Dick Nixon are completely off target.

3) The point of the column was to tell those people who assume that the MIC is so terrible that he won’t be re-elected that they may have made a huge miscalculation.

4) My point to those folks was that no matter how much something smells like an open sewer there are still people out there to whom it evokes the fragrance daffodils in Springtime.

As for responding to your defense of the MIC’s actions, it’s a good rule that if someone tries to tell you that a five-day-old dead muskrat smells better than fresh-baked bread, don’t waste your time trying to convince them that their nose is on the Fritz.

If you disliked that column, here are two others you will positively hate:

We Get The Government We Deserve. America Deserves Donald Trump. What DT’s Election Tells Us About The Character Of The American People.

Here’s a brief excerpt:

When you decide that the right person to represent you is someone you know doesn’t keep his promises, does whatever he can to avoid paying his bills, lies often, and is mean and deceitful,

– What does that say about you?

– What does that say about the value you place on honesty, fairness, trustworthiness, and decency?

– What does that say about how you think people should be treated?

– What does that say about your own morals and ethics?

See also:

What Makes Donald Run?

And, as to your erroneous assumption that I am a Democrat or a liberal, check this out:

Dump The Failing, Toxic Democratic Party Brand And Start Over

A brief excerpt

On a square mile basis, the Democratic Party is uncompetitive in at least 50% of the surface area of the United States.

Fairly or unfairly, at least 40% of American voters think the Democratic Party’s brand, its commonly perceived principles, are: political correctness, welfare, big government, open borders, and high taxes.

When a political party’s brand falls that badly out of sync with a material percentage of the voters, the party loses the ability to govern. For at least forty percent of the American population the word “democrat” on a ballot is as toxic as the words “contains GMOs, sugar, pork and gluten” on a food-product label.


–David Grace

Graduate of Stanford University & U.C. Berkeley Law School. Author of 17 novels and over 200 Medium columns on Economics, Politics, Law, Humor & Satire.

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