Robin, I understand your position that the possibility that free elections will be abolished and America will be taken over by a totalitarian gov’t is much I higher than I think it is. OK, for the sake of argument let’s say you’re correct.

If the entire U.S. Army, National Guard, and all police forces are now under the control of this totalitarian gov’t, it is virtually impossible for ordinary people to overthrow them with only small arms.

You’re going to need rocket propelled grenades, flame throwers, .50 cal machine guns, and ground to air missiles (to shoot down the Black Helicopters) if you want to have any hope at all of the citizens defeating this theoretical, sudden totalitarian gov’t.

So, in order to have any chance at all of removing this monstrous government, the people who believe as you do are going to need RPGs, anti-aircraft missiles in their garage, machine guns, grenades, etc. If you don’t have these weapons you have no chance of success and just having an AR-15 is pointless.

So, do you want everyone to have those weapons too, just in case?

If you do want to be really prepared and you think it’s a good idea for any citizen who wants to be ready to defend America can have RPGs and grenades in their closet, then there’s probably not much more for us to discuss.

If not, then the AR-15 you want to have is worthless to fight the threat you fear and there’s no purpose in you having it in the first place.

As to the danger of invasion, let’s look to Israel. That’s a country that really, really is at risk of attack. And the Israelis are no bleeding-heart liberal pushovers. So, what is their policy about civilians having guns?

Age: Unless you were honorably discharged from the Israeli military you cannot even apply to buy a gun until you’re 27 years old. Not 18. Not 21. 27.

Registration: All privately held weapons must be registered. No gun show exemptions in Israel.

Training: Everyone must take and pass a rigorous, government-run training course before they are allowed to buy a gun. Half the candidates fail this course the first time.

Now compare that to the position of people who think as you do here in the U.S. which is at a millionth (or less) the risk of invasion as Israel.

The NRA people who believe that 18-year-old untrained civilians need to be able to buy unregistered military weapons to protect the country from invasion would be apoplectic at the thought of an Israeli-style 27 year-old age limit, required registration and required proficiency and licensing.

Those NRA people make the same argument you’re making — we need these guns to protect the country when the Army, the National Guard, State, County and Local police forces are all either overwhelmed or go over to the dictator who has somehow managed to take over the country.

I suggest that the Israeli position on civilian defense is reasonable and the NRA position is wildly unreasonable.

Personally, I would be OK having a 27 yr. old age limit, full registration, and passing a rigorous training course to have a firearm. Heck, if the applicant received an honorable discharge from the U.S. Army or the National Guard I wouldn’t even mind him/her having an AR-15.

— David Grace

Graduate of Stanford University & U.C. Berkeley Law School. Author of 17 novels and over 200 Medium columns on Economics, Politics, Law, Humor & Satire.

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