The U.S. was defeated in VN by the ability of NVA to constantly enter SVN, equip the fighters there and themselves fight in large numbers. Not to mention the huge difference in terrain. A jungle is really different from a cornfield. Plus there is a completely different physical city and transportation structure in those countries than in the U.S.

In Iraq you have a very large percentage of the population that opposes the U.S. as a foreign conqueror and they have access to huge supplies of large military weaponry and military explosives.

Bottom line — a small minority of people in the U.S. only using small arms would be no more able to overthrow it than the Germans who opposed Hitler were able to overthrow him, and an unpopular totalitarian gov’t wouldn’t be able to stand against the existing Army, National Guard and law enforcement members in the first place.

Beyond that, this entire “theory” of the potential rise of a totalitarian U.S. gov’t that the “people” are going to need to overthrow is beyond silly. It’s really the right wing/anarchists’ hope/dream in response to laws they don’t like enacted by an elected central gov’t.

This notion flows from the ideas expressed in the The Turner Diaries where a bunch of right-wing racists mounted an armed rebellion to impose their version of society.

It’s the terrorists’ dream of destroying an elected government by force of arms because they feel its laws unfairly restrict their “freedom” and it is not new.

This basic principle of overthrowing an elected gov’t you think is bad is no different from the philosophy of those who want to impose a government based on Sharia Law because they think that’s the form of a moral gov’t and it’s what God wants.

This “the elected gov’t is immoral/oppressive so the true-believer minority gets overthrow it by force of arms” is the fundamental policy of all terrorists.

If you can’t win power in an election, you don’t deserve to have it no matter how certain you are that your ideas are right and everyone else’s are wrong.

Everybody thinks they are right. The anarchists think they are right. The Sharia Muslims think they are right. The racists think they’re right. The communists think they are right. The libertarians think they are right. The socialists think they are right.

A society where every philosophy that can’t win elections thinks they are justified in using a gun to try to impose their version of a “fair” or “moral” government on the people who actually did win the election is hell on earth.

Anyone who wants to have these military weapons so that some day they can go to war with an elected government whose structure and laws they think take away too much of their freedom is a terrorist and for that very reason alone they shouldn’t have a military weapon.

Anyone who wants to use a gun to protect the country should join the National Guard.

Graduate of Stanford University & U.C. Berkeley Law School. Author of 17 novels and over 200 Medium columns on Economics, Politics, Law, Humor & Satire.

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