Your entire response boils down to:

  1. Requiring gun owners to be trained and licensed will put their names on a list and we don’t want the government to know we have a gun because

A) we may need it to fight tyranny,

If you knew anything about the Constitution you would know that “fighting tyranny” has nothing, nothing to do with the adoption of the 2nd Amendment. Read Federalist Pager 29.

B) Other people may find out we have a gun.

You don’t get to have a deadly weapon in secret any more than you get to have dynamite in secret or commercial poisons in secret. You have no right to the anonymous ownership of deadly weapons because you live among other people. The police get to know things like that and they should.

Sorry the police having that information is inconvenient for you but when a gun is found at a crime scene the police need to know whose gun it is. And police DO need to know if the domestic dispute call they’re on is at a residence where there’s a gun.

Requiring a gun owner to be trained and licensed to own a deadly weapon is not an unreasonable burden.

Your Next Argument

2. If we have to comply with reasonable rules then, later, we may be faced with unreasonable rules.

The “We can’t have this law because then, later, there may be another law” is a nonsense argument. You could say that about any law — “We can have this law about food safety in a restaurant because then, later, the people through their government may adopt even more stringent food safety laws. Therefore we cannot have any food safety laws.”

If that were a good argument there would be no laws, period. It’s not.

We deal with the rules before us as they are proposed. There is no other way to do it.

There Is No Perfect World

It would be wonderful if we could catch everyone who breaks any law. Sorry we don’t revoke the license of every bad doctor. That is not a good argument not to license doctors. Imagine how many more deaths there would be if we didn’t require doctors to be licensed at all.

We can’t prevent some licensed drivers from driving badly and killing someone. That’s not a good argument not to license drivers.

Also, it’s not even close to a good argument not to license owners of deadly weapons.

Until that utopia arrives we will just have to do the best we can revoking the licenses of bad doctors. And the licenses of bad drivers, bad contractors, bad pilots and bad gun owners.

Illegal Firearms

You don’t want all gun owners to pass a background check, be trained, and be licensed so who are these illegal gun owners and possessors you refer to?

Who are the owners of illegal guns under your system? People who bought them without a background check? No, wait, you want people to be able to buy them without a background check at a gun show.

People who are untrained and unlicensed? No, wait, you don’t want gun owners to have to pass a safety test or get a license.

So, exactly who are these people with illegal guns? Any person who legally owns a gun who decides to carry it without a carry permit? Short of metal detectors everywhere you cannot stop that.

If that’s who you mean your argument is: “The law against carrying without a permit is the only gun law we should have.”

Don’t Confuse What People Believe With Who They Are

You shouldn’t make assumptions about people. I own a gun. I have since I was 13. My dad made me take an NRA safety class first. He was right. Anyone who thinks people should own a deadly weapon without being trained how to properly use and store it is wrong.

You don’t live alone. You live around other people. The people around you have the right to expect owners of deadly weapons not to be felons, not to be mentally ill, to be trained, to have a license, and to have their license taken away if they misuse their firearm.

Bottom line: pass a test, get a license, register your gun, own your gun. That’s what I did. You can do it too.

Your Anger

You’re angry because in spite of licensing laws there are still some bad doctors.

You’re angry that if you shoot someone in some cities you might get investigated. What a shocker!

You’re angry that some people who shouldn’t have a gun don’t get caught.

You hate the government but then you’re angry when it doesn’t catch people you think it should. How does that work?

You seem to think that the world should run perfectly and when it doesn’t it’s someone’s fault and that makes you angry.

Humans make lots of mistakes. Humans do things they shouldn’t. That’s why we have laws. The more people we jam together and the more complicated society we live in, the more at risk we are and the more rules we have.

You don’t like it? Go to a remote wilderness in some third-world country. You want to live in one of the most industrialized countries in the world with hundreds of millions of other people, get used to it.

No big organization is going to do a super job — not a government, not a big corporation, not a university.

That’s not an excuse to say “No laws, no government.” Sorry, life isn’t perfect. People aren’t as smart, as reasonable, as fair, as honest or as nice as we would like them to be.

Again, that’s why we have so many laws.

No organizations are really efficient. Have you ever worked in middle-management in any big company?

If you expect everything to work the way you think it should or the way you think would be right you’re going to be constantly upset, disappointed and angry. It never, ever will.

Get over it.

— David Grace

Graduate of Stanford University & U.C. Berkeley Law School. Author of 17 novels and over 200 Medium columns on Economics, Politics, Law, Humor & Satire.

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